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Nowadays the best source of marketing is social media marketing. In this perspective we offer our premium services where we will manage your pages and boost your posts so that your information can be delivered and reach the maximum social media user. We will create your editorial plan together which will include the definition of the macro-topics to be shared on the pages of the main social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn, the frequency of each topic, the tone of the posts and the choice of multimedia contents.

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Social media has changed the way we operate as a society, including how we connect with each other. As platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have taken off, businesses have also taken notice. They have started using these sites to promote their interests through social media marketing, this is because these sites are capable of changing consumer behavior. Social media allows marketers to use a wide variety of tactics and strategies to promote content and engage people with it. Many social networks allow users to provide detailed geographic, demographic and personal information, which allows marketers to tailor their messages to what is most likely to resonate with users.

We will provide you with the right means and the right training to ensure that your business can also take advantage of all that social media can provide, with our editorial plan you will be able to best express your products and services and ensure that it reaches the maximum number of possible users.

Our social media manager services:

  • FB Profile Building & Setup
  • Instagram Profile Setup
  • Monitoring of activities
  • Facebook Ads Campaigns
  • Promo Videos
  • Area wise marketing
  • Posting in FB Groups
  • Analytics & Reports

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